June 30, 2009

Two Years, Baby!

Today is my two year wedding anniversary and two weeks shy of seven years of being exclusive, with one year of casual dating before that. So, I don't think either of us is going anywhere. As RA stated, we've learned to share the hammock. In two years, we've adopted a family of animals (including our newest addition: our neighbor's dog), bought a house, planted many things, and were even able to walk down the aisle toward each other again (bridal party)!

I love looking back over our first years together, but I enjoy looking forward to the next year even more. Travel (Wisconsin in 3 weeks and maybe Savannah, Georgia or Belize[!!!] later), a new nephew in two months, a rejuvenated backyard, a possible career expansion, no new animals, and no broken cars are all things I hope for in the next year.

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