June 28, 2006

Type A, much?

Let me preface this with I know I need to chill the fuck out, but it's just one of those days.

My boyfriend and I are planning on getting married next summer after we both graduate. I don't have a ring yet, but as we've been dating for four years and he won't take me out to dinner because he's "saving up for the ring," I know it's coming sometime in the foreseeable future.

I am now starting to get a little worried about the whole wedding thing. Since we're not engaged yet, I don't feel comfortable researching venues or menus or flowers too deeply. But, I feel the need to start planning something. I'm not sure if my parents are going to be paying for this due to a slight (read: I've spoken to my father about five times since Christmas) falling out. Neither David nor I make a lot of money, and I don't want to ask his parents for help. I mean, I would be fine getting married on a beach or at the university chapel, but I don't know if that's what everyone else wants, and if they don't, I need to be figuring out my budget pretty soon, since I'm the one that's going to be paying for most of this.

And though I love my boyfriend very, very much, if he tells me again "Weddings aren't that hard to plan," I swear I might scream. If this turns out to be an actual church and reception wedding, I am overwhelmed at all the stuff I will have to take care of myself. If someone would just give me some idea of which way to head, this might not be so scary, but it's still pretty open-ended and I just hate this feeling of not knowing anything. I'm very flexible when plans change and can be very spontaneous, but I can't stand knowing there is this big thing looming and there are no plans. I mean, it's not like I'm going to get the big chance to explore churches and restaurants if we have it at his hometown three hours away since I'll still be taking fucking classes until a month before. I want it to be all nice and pretty and shit, but if I don't get some kind of concrete response before Christmas, I'm putting an advertisement in the paper, "We're getting married this day and this time here. Be there or be square. BYOB." And that's how everyone will find out about it, parents and all.

Stupid Southern weddings and traditions and trying not to piss everyone off and not having any money and people with no opinions.

This is all venting and this is why I put this thing up, to save on the therapy and not yell at the cat.

June 13, 2006

So it comes to this...

Everywhere else in America it's summer, but in my household it's World Cup season. My boyfriend is an avid, avid fan (one of the biggest selling points for his apartment is that it gets the Fox Soccer Channel... seriously) and I have been known to wave a few flags of my own, so our lunch breaks are now scheduled around the midday game. I went to his apartment at 9 am on Saturday to do laundry, only to find him awake and fully tuned in. This from a man who yells at me if I poke him before 10:30. It's amazing what this sport does to my boyfriend and the rest of the world. If you come by his house anytime a game is on, the only language you hear is a combination of grunts, groans, "oh"'s, and yells. Sort of like a weird orgy. It's pretty funny. And on that note, U-S-A! (Even though we're sucking this time around.)

And a short work-out update:
Since the last post, I have determined the gym is not for me. It just isn't. But I have found running in the early morning is. Something about my circadian rhythm or sleep schedule or something, but I'm less tired and get more energized if I wake up earlier and get slightly less sleep. And, it's something I'm able to stick with. Over the last week and a half, I've gone running six times. That might not sound like a lot, but for me, queen of get bored and go home, this is amazing. I'm actually looking forward to running tomorrow. It makes me feel better about myself. Now, I'm probably not going to see any weight loss because I tend to see exercise as a reason to eat more, but maybe I'll get my legs in shape, and if I can do that, it is all worth it. I miss my legs from high school, as I'm sure we all do. I danced and played soccer, so my legs were fabulous. *sigh* Maybe one day. (Yeah, right) Well, we can all hope and dream.

Since I've gotten my first Organic Chem test (ugh) out of the way and am starting to get the hang of things, maybe I can keep this thing up a little bit more. Here's hoping!