July 24, 2006

Attention, everyone!

I have never loved a popular song more than this....

Every woman, girl, man, and boy needs to see this. I think I now have a girl crush on Pink.

Peace out and love your body!

July 18, 2006

Paragraphic updatedness..

So, yeah, I definitely do not have the hang of Organic Chemistry. But, yay!, only two more weeks, and I am so done with this. Well, at least until Organic 2 in the spring. Oh, my, I may just collapse into a twitchy seizure before this whole college thing is over with. (Which, woo!, only 8 1/2 more months!)

Yesterday was my four year anniversary of officially dating my boyfriend. It reminded me over and over again why I love him. We went to the water park and ran around like 10-year-olds and smooched behind tubes and noshed on nachos and people-watched and raced down the slides and held hands and were all-around the people I normally gag at. It was awesome. They always say it's the good times that get you through the bad times, and if yesterday is any indication of our good times, I have the ultimate faith that we can get through anything. Plus, he took me into a jewelry shop to get my ring finger sized! Say it with me: SQUEEE!! I know it'll be some time yet, but still, progress!

I've gotten some input on the wedding issues, mainly as a result of my last post, and now it seems much more manageable. I'm still having to tell myself to calm down or I'll annoy myself right out of an engagement. Hopefully, we can roll with whatever comes up with a short engagement. Actually, I know we will, it's just a matter of how much I'll freak out and piss people off. Wanna come watch?

So, that's about all that's up with me. I'm off to see if I can still kick soccer ball without falling down or majorly injuring myself.

Oh, crap! I forgot all the fun stories from this weekend and how I injured myself. Well, material for another day.