April 25, 2006

I'm not in right now, please leave a message at the beep...

So, yeah, it's finals season, so I'm a little preoccupied right now. Add that to reformatting my hard drive and forgetting that I don't have any of the driver cd's, and you get stress and a 3 week blank spot.
I promise I'll catch up as soon as I can, but I've got exams for the next 2 weeks so don't hold your breath. Send wine and smart thoughts my way, though!


April 03, 2006

Updates in Bullet Form (because I am lazy)

  • I did not get crabs on spring break, I ate them, and they were buttery delicious goodness.
  • I aquired my monthly sugar intake through a straw in the form of pina coladas in about four days.
  • The kitten is back and has twice since decided to vacate the premises via the window and come trotting back two days later.
  • She has also taken up biting my toes while I'm asleep to let me know that she's hungry. Her life might end rather abruptly.
  • The stress is less, but I have suddenly realized that there are four more weeks in the semester and then I'm a senior in college. What the hell am I supposed to do then? Graduate or some shit like that? Huh? Real world, what?
  • My boyfriend turned to me last night and, in all seriousness, asked, "So, have you given any thought to where we're going to live when we're married next year?" (Yes, I like bold and italics. And yes, I might have squealed a little when he said that.)
  • I'm in dire need of a puppy, but considering my status with the kitten, it's probably not the best idea right now.
  • My hair has been very flat lately, and I'm in angst.
  • I have rent, tuition, utilities, phone, credit card, and computer bills all due in the next 8 days. And my brakes are making a funny noise.
  • Spring Party is this weekend! Bring on the tiki torches and assorted fruity drinks!
Is there anything else you want to know?