June 08, 2009

Rookie Mistake

So, the tomatoes. They have arrived. They are still mostly green, but they number well over a hundred.

I knew when I planted them they were too close together. "It's fine," I told myself, "it's an experiment, survival of the fittest and all that." Well, apparently, they are all fit. And fertile. And heavy. I let the ones planted closest together kind of slide on the staking schedule, thinking it would be fine if they kind of sprawled on one another. Well, weekend before last, I noticed they were sprawling right out of the bed, so it was time to resume tying them up. At least I tried. The last few days I have noticed the overburdened end of the bed looked... different. Wrong. I started poking around the vines and realized that the fruit had gotten so heavy that where I had tied the nodes to the bamboo stake, the string has slid down the stake to lay the vines right back where they were, on top of everything else. Obviously, since half the fruit on that side was now sitting directly on the soil, a solution had to be found. So, I am hoping to institute this:

From Random

I'll put up a before and after picture to see if it helps.

Now it's time for garden picture dump! Wooo!

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