November 13, 2006

It depends on the type of life and the quality of the pancakes...*

For soccer fans, Eric Idle fans, and anyone who needs a bit of a giggle...

Oh, and I've got photos of the dress up. W00t!

*You should all go see Stranger Than Fiction. Right now. It's awesome. I'm serious.

November 06, 2006

Dun dun dunnn.....

Sorry to be all "I have imploded" *crickets...* but the usual 3rd quarter exam schedule snuck up on me. Well, not really, I knew it was coming but proceeded with the usual denial followed by a week of 20 hours at the library freaking my shit out.

Anyhoo, Mrs. Flinger was right. It did all work out. What had happened breaks down as follows: I got some bad advice from a professor and dropped a class that turned out to be required and only offered once a year. My advisor decided to be a douchebag and use the situation to get an undergraduate research project out of me (to use as a substitute for the class) for another opportunity to get published. I went to the department head and when I saw my advisor in class on Tuesday, problem solved.

The reason I reacted as badly as I did was because David and I have always said we wanted our degrees and at least one of us with a real job when we got married. So, my panic-fueled brain immediately jumped to the conclusion that this one class would convince David to demand that we wait another 7 months to get married. I was also supposed to drop off a hefty non-refundable deposit that evening for the reception hall, so there was that added pressure too. David was an excellent boyfriend and patted my hair, said "Honey, you go drop off the check; I can't wait to be married to you," and brought a bottle of rum and Streetcar Named Desire over to watch. *Sidenote: Getting tipsy and recreating the "Stelllaaa!" moment may cause your landlords to look at you a little shiftily.

So, only a little crying at work and at breakfast the next day, but having my boyfriend's extremely Southern Baptist dad say "Your advisor sounds like a jackass," and his mom nod agreement completely made my day.

And, yay, here's the dress. I actually look a ton better in it cause I actually have boobs and don't look like a coked-out socialite. This dress makes my waist look oh so tiny and the material is drool-worthy. I seriously told my aunt, "Wow, this dress even makes my hair look pretty." Plus, I'm getting it for 20% off cause it's last season's. I have photos from trying it on, but I still don't have the cord to connect my phone to my computer, so maybe I can get those up later.

Also, everybody go congratulate Cagey! Woo!