October 29, 2008

The Update

So, in the year and half that I've neglected this thing, a lot has changed. I did graduate (cum laude, even!), gotten married, gone on a honeymoon, got a job, adopted two dogs, my husband has found a kitten, we bought a house, the old cat ran away, and I love my life.

As opposed to how I used to feel, I am satisfied with my life now. I mean, I want a baby, but not right now. Well, maybe right now, but not with pay and leave being what they are. I like my job. I love my job when I am able to fulfill my job description, but since I have no supervisor, it's been kind of boring lately. I even like my husband, which is a good thing. And since I have job security (I work for The Man) and am just starting on saving for retirement, even the stock market deciding to be schizophrenic is going well for me. I was able to buy an affordable starter home because it was a foreclosure. Plus, gas prices just went down! Woot!

Please don't hate me because the universe decided to time some things right for me (finally), I am just making a concious effort to be optimistic. I've made a decision to tell myself every morning "It is a good day." Now, it may or may not be, and I'm sure there are going to be some surly posts here, but believing it's going to be a fine day for even 15 minutes before something goes wrong should save me a forehead wrinkle or two, right?

BTW, my landlord was a giant douche. He killed my crepe myrtles and honeysuckle bush. Bastard.

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