February 01, 2006

Exploding Kittens...

Wouldn't that be a kickass name for a band? I think so.

Now that my immune system has kicked the plague to the curb, I'm back. I didn't think all the hacking and loogies and brains running out my nose to be very good blog material. Plus, I was really, really whiny, and even though my boyfriend deals with it, I don't think the internet needs to hear it. But, on to cooler and less mucus-filled topics.

Ok, so I've got this new kitten. Her name is Maleficent (you know, the bad fairy from Disney's Sleeping Beauty). She's pretty and all black, and a bit of a sweetie. David bought her for me for Christmas to replace my cat that ran away. She is very cute and a little bit of a scaredy cat, and promptly got herself stuck in the wall the night I brought her home. No worries, we moved the water heater and dragged her out of there, but it was a bit of a harrowing experience, as for a day and a half I thought I had killed two cats in one week. But, as I said, it's all cool now, and she since has only gotten herself stuck in a recliner.

These days the problem is not her getting lost or stuck anywhere, it's her feeling the need to be everywhere in my apartment at once. David describes it as "exploding my house." And not only can she cover my aparment in 5 seconds flat, upstairs and down, she is very proud of this fact and proceeds to show me at 3 am just how often she can get from the couch to my pillow in 30 minutes. So this means at sometime between 3 and 6 am every morning I wake up to these noises:

jingle, jingle, jingle (her bell on her collar)
• scratch, scratch
thumpity, thumpity, thumpity (flying up the stairs)
• ploof, floopy, floopy floopy (landing and doing laps on my bed)
rustle, rustle (playing with the hems of my hanging clothes)
thump, thump, thump (careening back down the stairs)
• sching, king, ting ting (my blinds being slowly destroyed)
• scratch, scratch, rriiiip (i still can't tell if this is the scratching post or my couch)
jingle, jingle, jingle

Repeat for the next 30 minutes.

It takes a toll on the sleeping, I can tell you. But, as soon as my alarm goes off, she curls in a sweet little ball behind my knee and falls promptly asleep. I think she has it in for my mental sanity.

Oh, and until yesterday she's been in heat, so in addition to the noises above there was much yowling and putting of the hind end on things. I mean, it's kind of hard to pet something that's waving it's butt at you.

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