March 08, 2006

My life is so glamorous...

I am now learning the nitrogen recovery rates and pros of using poo as fertilizer. Doesn't that sound fascinating? Am I really sure I want to work in a field where poo is a major topic? Don't you think poo is fascinating?

Well, the kitten hasn't come back yet, but I still hear her jingle and meow every now and again, so I'm leaving out food and something is eating it. Maybe she'll decide I'm not that bad. I mean, how much does an animal hate you if it jumps out a second story window just to get away from you? I've considered getting a ferret as a replacement, but then I realized that would be like a $300 investment, and I'm just not ready to lay that much down for something that might decide it doesn't like me and escape down the sink drain. (Don't worry, I don't have a disposal.)

Oh my gosh, the stress! Three major exams and a major assignment due the day before spring break starts. This is definitely not a recipe for good skin and a relaxed Cheryl. I swear, don't these professors realize that I have to be in a swimsuit next week? Cortisol-related zits and weight gain will not sit well with me.

Speaking of spring break (stream of consciousness, anyone?), does anybody know of fun things to do in Pensacola, Florida besides the beach (and you don't have to be 21 to participate in)? I've never been down there in the free-time, vacation sense, so I'm not really sure what's available in case it rains.

And, hey, the hotel has free wireless, so drunk posts! And hungover posts! And sandy posts! Yay!

*This post was brought to you by boredom, hence the lack of an actual post.


  1. Ahhhh, memories of school. I do not miss it. :) Good luck to you next week on your exams!

  2. wow, you're totally making me not miss school anymore. That all sounds painful, but then you're done!

  3. I have seen people beat the immediate effects of the "gallon challenge." BUT then milk wins in the "end." If you get my drift. LOL. Either way you're pretty much guarenteed to be miserable. LOL.

  4. Will be anxiously awaiting your drunk posts! Blogging while intoxicated is one of my favorite pastimes. Good luck on your exams, have fun & be careful!