April 28, 2009

Attack of the Killer Pollen

Today was the first day in the history of my entire life that seasonal allergies have affected me so much as to actually bring down my quality of life. And not only did I feel weird, my eyes watered so much that my contacts came out, my left eye was so puffy that I couldn't see out of it, and not even Claritin cleared it up. So, while I am doing computer work and taking a break, here's a photo montage.

One of the areas I've been mapping in. Jealous? Don't be. The views were about the only nice part.

And it was spring, so the flowers were out. That was nice.

On the weekends, I found out my puppies like tomatoes.

From Random

And waffles.

Also, my garden exploded.

From Random
In this picture, you should be able to find three tomato plants, one parsley plant and one rosemary plant (top), four Swiss chard plants, fifteen spinach plants, and one hundred and thirty-three thousand kale plants. And this is after I thinned more than half of them. And this is only one quarter of the garden! For scale, the cell phone = 3 inches.

I also went to Lincoln, Nebraska.

From Random
Disregard the grimy hotel window. Facing 9th Ave, Cornhusker Stadium is just off to the left. It was pretty cold, as it was back in February.

And how's that for a photo dump? Actually, let's take this one step more and try out the video function.

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