December 13, 2006

Yesterday was the best day ever.

You might not believe me, but it was. Crab legs were on sale and yummy for dinner (no cooking) as was the hollandaise sauce, my D in Organic Chem 2 was changed to a C and I don't know why, my sister's soccer team won while playing 3 men down, and last night:

(Please excuse the wierd thing my pinkie is doing in that picture.)
Squee!! And it was a total surprise too. David says I stopped breathing for about 10 seconds. Isn't it gorgeous? The sly dog has had it for two months and I had no clue. And for extra sappy sentiment, he got it from the same jewelers that his dad got his mom's engagement ring. Okay, well I'm gonna go stare at it some more. Merry Christmas!! Eat something sopped in gravy for me!

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  1. Love crab legs and LOVE the ring! Very cool!